И так начнем

You know-Представляешь

It’s not easy to find a good job in a little city.

And stuff like that-И тому подобное

He likes expensive cars, women and stuff like that.

Believe me-Поверь мне

He is not a good person as you think, believe me:

Never mind-Да ничего, забудь

I was at the supermarket yesterday and forgot to…never mind.

Huh-Что, чего?

What did you say, huh, I can’t hear you?

В конце предложения переводится на русский язык как “не так ли”

It’s a beautiful weather today, huh?

Sort of-Как-то

He was sort of surprised.

Don’t you-Не так ли?

You like her, don’t you?

Примечание:  данная фраза используется исключительно с глаголами в настоящее время, к которым она относится. В этом случае “like”. Для глаголов в прошедшем времени, есть другие конструкции.

Wait a sec-Ну подожди

Wait a sec, what was that sound?

Wait a sec, are you lying to me again?

Wait a sec, you touched my stuff again?

No way-Не может быть/Да ты что?

He bought a Rolls Royce Phantom, no Way!

Anyway-Неважно/В прочем

Anyway, what did you do today?


He’s just stupid.

She’s just too .

Слово Филлер “Just” в этом смысле используется исключительно перед прилагательными! 

Oh yes-Да, я вспомнил

What did I say? oh yes, the car was yesterday at the petrol station.


Um…I think that we should start with the boxes then go to the bottles.

I guess-Мне кажется

You look tired. Are you sick? No. I am just sad, I guess.


A supermarket literally means a a big market.

He missed the train literally by a few second.

I was literally surprised when I saw her in front of the shop.


I’ll write her a message. Well, I’ll better call her.

Actually-На самом деле

I don’t remember the name of the train station. Actually, I don’t know it’s name.

How shall I put it-Как тебе сказать?

Finding a big and beautiful house at a cheap price is so difficult. Well, how shall I put it, It’s just impossible.

So-Ну/И так

So, what are you going to do now?

You see-Ну видишь!

You see, things aren’t always that easy.

By the way-Кстати

By the way, did you buy a new car.

To be honest-Честно говоря

To be honest, I don’t like her.

To be honest, I don’t want to to do that.

To be honest, I don’t want to to go there.

Exactly-Конечно/Да, это точно

A: he is really crazy.

B: yes, exactly.

Basically-В принципе/Проще говоря/В основном/Как правило//Короче

  1. The two TVs are basically the same.

  2. He basically doesn’t know anything about it.

  3. It’s basically simple.

  4. He basically reads a lot.

  5. Well, basically, i’ll call and ask about the price.

Certainly-Это правда

A: this product is too expensive.

B: yes, certainly.

I mean-Я хочу сказать

This car is too expensive. I mean it’s not just worth it.

Kind of-Вроде/Типо

He was kind of trying to help.

He is kind of happy with his new job.

Это выражения часто используется в сокращенной форме “kinda”.

 In a word-Короче

In a word, we’ll mett in half an hour.

If I’m not mistaken–Если я не ошибаюсь

If I’m not mistaken, there was a little shop there.

After all–В конце концов

Not everything is lost. After all, you still have a good job.

Don’ be angry with him. After all he is your friend.

If we will need money, we can after all take a loan. (взять кредит).

The thing is that–Дело в том, что

The thing is that she doesen’t like mice.

In other words–Другими словами

In other words, he’s totally crazy.

As for me–Что меня касается

As for me, I prefer going to the beach that staying at home on a sunny day.

As far as I know – Насколько я знаю

As far as I know he works as a teacher now.


I absolutely agree.

He is absolutely wrong.